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What We Do

Bicycle & Pedestrian

Balancing the needs of all modes while offering expert knowledge of best practices.

Specific Areas
  • Bicycle, Pedestrian & Trail Master Planning
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety, including Vision Zero
  • Bikeway Design, Plans, Specifications & Estimates
  • Pedestrians & Bicycle Design Innovations
  • Complete Streets Planning & Design
  • Campus Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning
  • Bike Share Planning & Design
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Safe Routes to Transit
  • Wayfinding Planning & Design
  • Training & Grant Writing
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Forecasting & GIS Analysis
  • Health Impact Analysis

Curbside Management

Analyzing curb usage, evaluating design alternatives, and developing guidance on best practices that increase the flexibility and utilization of curbsides.

Specific Areas

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Providing strategic technical analysis for alternative delivery projects for the owner or contractor team.

Specific Areas
  • Developing and evaluating alternative technical Concepts
  • Corridor, sub-area, and regional modeling to analyze maintenance of traffic
  • Signal, signing, striping and lighting design
  • Traffic monitoring

Freight & Goods Movement

Employing a ‘layered network’ approach to ensure solutions are integrated into the multimodal transportation system of a given community.

Specific Areas
  • Major Generator Studies – Ports, terminals, consolidation, distribution centers, and intermodal facilities
  • Site Access & Truck Circulation – Planning including detailed micro-simulation models
  • Freight Travel Forecasting – Models for all goods movement travel modes and mode shift analyses
  • Conceptual Design – of access improvements
  • Loading Logistics – including staging analysis
  • Sustainability Analyses – Energy and GHG emissions assessments
  • Community Accommodations – Including complete streets and multimodal network planning
  • Truck Operations & Safety – Studies on climbing and safety lanes, truck stop, parking and weigh station operations
  • Tolling & Managed Lanes – Assessing the impacts to freight transportation
  • Statewide & Regional – freight and intermodal planning
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems – for commercial vehicles
  • Big Data – Using new data sources to better understand freight patterns and impacts

Land Use & Transportation

Quantifying the effects of various built environment factors on trip generation and mode choice.

Specific Areas
  • Transportation Elements – Comprehensive, General, and Specific Plans
  • Smart Growth – Mixed-use trip generation (i.e. the “Ds”)
  • Transit Oriented Developments – Creating vibrant, livable communities
  • Context-Sensitive Design – including complete streets
  • Intermodal Centers – Ground transportation hubs
  • Campus Master Plans – More pedestrian and transit friendly campuses
  • Entertainment & Special Events – Planning venues
  • Transportation Impact – Assessments for environmental clearance
  • Impact Fee Programs – Fee program imposed by a local government
  • Parking Needs – Financial analysis
  • Shared Parking – for mixed-use development
  • Site Access & Circulation – planning services from start to finish
  • Transportation Demand Management – strategies to reduce travel demand
  • Health Impact Analysis – Assuring that transportation policies consider health impacts

Multimodal Operations & Simulation

Rigorously testing and evaluating new data sources such as Big Data, software, and analytical techniques.

Specific Areas
  • Freeway & Interchange Improvements
  • Traffic Signal Optimization & Coordination
  • High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Toll (HOT) Lane Studies
  • Transit Signal Priority
  • Corridor & Systemwide Analysis
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) System
  • Safety Evaluation
  • Congestion Pricing
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Railroad Grade Crossing
  • Complete Streets Analysis & Simulation
  • Alternative Intersection & Interchanges
  • Roundabout Intersections

Multimodal Safety

Encouraging planning decisions that move people safely, keeping them free from harm in any mode along their trip.

Specific Areas
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Sustainable Transportation

Creating strategies that minimize vehicle travel, enhance travel efficiency, provide economic vitality, and personal choice.

Specific Areas
  • Statewide & Regional Sustainability Strategies
  • Climate Action Plans & Carbon Footprint Analyses
  • Best Management for State, Regional & Local
  • Sustainable Master Plans for Major Developments
  • Travel Model Enhancements for Sustainable Practices
  • Transportation Transit System & Demand Management
  • LEED ND for Transportation at Major Developments
  • Plans for Universities, Activity Centers & Military Bases
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Research & Innovation

Transit Planning

Integrating transit with other critical elements including land use, the roadway system, and the adjacent network of bike and ped facilities.

Specific Areas
  • Transit Master Plans
  • Transportation Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • High Capacity Transit
  • Light & Commuter Rail
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Streetcar/Circulator
  • Shuttles
  • Station Design & Planning
  • Transit-Oriented Developments
  • Ridership Forecasting
  • Safe Routes to Transit
  • Transit Signal Priority

Transportation Demand Management

Providing comprehensive planning in TDM program development, implementation, and monitoring.

Specific Areas
  • TDM Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Quantification of TDM-related VMT reductions
  • Alternative transportation studies for research parks, large multi-tenant office parks, and campuses

Transportation Engineering

Integrating design and construction management expertise with extensive knowledge of planning and operations to provide the ideal combination of creative, yet practical solutions for all travel modes.

Specific Areas
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Signal Interconnect Systems
  • Ramp Metering
  • Traffic Signals
  • Bike & Ped Signals
  • Traffic Control/Management
  • Signing
  • Pavement Delineation
  • Complete Streets Projects
  • Traffic Calming Devices
  • Roundabouts
  • Design Build Projects
  • Emergency & Railroad Pre-emption
  • Conceptual Engineering Feasibility Assessments
  • Street, Walkway, & Bikeway Lighting Systems

Travel Behavior & Forecasting

Developing and updating models, and applying innovative techniques that allow travel demand models to capture the interactions between neighborhood-scale land use characteristics and travel patterns.

Specific Areas
  • Big Data & Travel Survey Analysis
  • Direct Ridership Forecasts
  • Impact Fee Nexus Studies
  • Travel Model Development & Application
  • Travel Model Enhancements for Built Environments
  • Travel Model Enhancements for Climate Change
  • High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) and Toll (HOT) Lane Studies
  • Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models
  • Integrated Demand/Operations Models
  • Dynamic Model Validation
  • Corridor & Systemwide Analysis
  • Transit Patronage Forecasts
  • Congestion Pricing
  • Integrated GIS Analysis

Visual Communications

Humanizing transportation analyses through GIS/spatial analysis, graphic design, and 3D and future conditions renderings.

Specific Areas
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Our mission is to empower every employee to develop effective and innovative transportation solutions that improve communities.

Meet the Team

Matthew Ridgway

Matthew Ridgway


Matthew's Bio...

Matthew is a Principal with Fehr & Peers and President of Fehr & Peers DC. Before founding Fehr & Peers DC, he started Fehr & Peers offices in San Francisco, Seattle and Oakland. He has been involved in many of Fehr & Peers’ highest visibility and most complex projects. His key strengths include his broad background and multimodal approach, which he has applied to many large-area plans with autonomous vehicle, transit and pedestrian related projects. He is an expert in pedestrian and bicycle safety. He is a regular contributor to the Institute of Transportation Engineers, has written a number of national publications and is a member of the Transportation Research Board Bicycle Transportation Committee.

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Anjuli Bakhru

Anjuli Bakhru

Senior Transportation Engineer

Anjuli's Bio...

Anjuli has five years of experience in transportation planning and engineering at the local, regional, and state levels. A native of Silver Spring, MD, Ms. Bakhru graduated from the University of Maryland’s Civil Engineering program. She interned with the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC) where she worked on the beginning stages of the White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan. After graduating from the University of Maryland she moved to San Diego, CA where she gained local and regional experience in the public sector before joining Fehr & Peers as a transportation engineer.  She joined Fehr & Peers DC upon it’s opening in April 2015.

Anjuli provides a diverse background in traffic operations and simulation, including technical expertise in applications such as SYNCHRO, HCS, and VISSIM.  She has served as technical lead or Project Manager for numerous high profile transportation projects which have included traffic engineering, regional bicycle facilities planning and design, transportation demand management, parking analysis, multi-modal trip generation analysis, area specific planning, and traffic calming.

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Alex Rixey

Alex Rixey


Alex's Bio...

Alex has diverse project experience in travel demand modeling, transportation and parking studies, master plan and mobility element preparation, development of non-traditional transportation performance metrics, and bikesharing system planning, with an emphasis on analyzing the effects of built environment and demographic characteristics on demand for all travel modes.

Alex is proficient in the use of SAS, SPSS, and ArcGIS software, EPA Smart Location Database (SLD), and has combined his passions for quantitative analysis and bicycling by developing a station-level bike sharing ridership model. He is an active member of ITE, serving as Secretary of the Complete Streets Council and Vice Chair of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Standing Committee. Alex earned his Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering and Economics from the University of Virginia. Before earning his Master of Arts in Urban Planning with a concentration in Transportation Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles, Alex gained three years of experience in the financial consulting industry in Washington, D.C. where he applied quantitative techniques to develop damages models for complex commercial and securities litigation. Alex is also an avid cyclist, training for his fourth AIDS/Lifecycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

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Jesse Cohn

Jesse Cohn

Senior Transportation Planner/Engineer

Jesse's Bio...

Jesse has three years of transportation planning experience. She joined the Fehr & Peers DC office in January 2017, after working in Fehr & Peers’ San Francisco office since July 2015. While in the San Francisco office, Jesse worked on several challenging projects, utilizing her experience in bicycle and pedestrian planning, survey design and implementation, and transportation impact assessments. Prior to Fehr & Peers, Jesse worked at the City of Charlotte, NC, and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center at the Highway Safety Research Center.

Jesse has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies and Visual Art from Brown University and a Master of City Planning degree from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Thanks to her studies in transportation, land use, and public health, Jesse brings a multi-disciplinary approach to her work at Fehr & Peers DC.

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Kwasi Donkor

Kwasi Donkor


Kwasi's Bio...

Kwasi is an Associate with Fehr & Peers and has 12 years of experience on a variety of projects, including citywide and countywide transportation plans, general plans, corridor studies, infrastructure projects, planning studies, and model development projects. He graduated from Walla Walla University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and moved to Sacramento, CA after joining Fehr & Peers in 2006.

Since the start of his career, Kwasi has focused on travel demand modeling applications and development.  He has served as project manager on a number of model development projects and technical expert on some of the firm’s most visible projects, including the Sacramento Golden 1 Center Arena traffic study.

Kwasi is proficient in the use of Cube and TransCAD transportation planning software and has specific expertise in VMT analysis and integrating Big Data applications in travel demand forecasting.  In addition to his project work, Kwasi has been an active member of Fehr & Peers’ Forecasting and Operations Discipline Group, a technical group focused on various research and development initiatives in the area of travel modeling.

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Sogand Karbalaieali

Sogand Karbalaieali

Transportation Engineer

Sogand's Bio...

Sogand has four years of research experience in transportation engineering. She joined Fehr & Peers DC in October 2018 after finishing her Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering at Louisiana State University with a focus on connected automated vehicle technology in highway operation. With her educational background and expertise in microsimulation modeling and connected vehicle technology applications, Sogand brings a multi-disciplinary approach to her work. Since she joined Fehr & Peers DC, she has been involved with several public transit projects such as California High-Speed Rail, Maryland Purple Line, and Great Seneca Short Term Transit Plan. Sogand is also an active member of ITE – Mid Colonial District and TSMO council.

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Cullen McCormick

Cullen McCormick

Senior Transportation Planner

Cullen's Bio...

Cullen McCormick leads Fehr & Peers’ Visual Communications Discipline Group. With nine years of visual communication experience in the public and private sector, Cullen is an expert in distilling complex technical concepts into succinct and compelling visuals and narratives. His work focuses on public-facing visual communications spanning a variety of media from reports and data visualization to wayfinding and environmental graphics.

Companywide, Cullen is a technical and creative resource for projects requiring strong visual content. He brings extensive experience as a manager and lead designer in multifaceted information design projects, such as the SANDAG Bike Wayfinding Plan, where his team designed the regional bike wayfinding system for the entire San Diego region, and the Caltrain Business Plan, where he was part of the core visual communication team mapping out future service for one of the busiest commuter railroads in the country. In addition to his work in transportation communication, Cullen leads studies to design and holistically evaluate placemaking projects and their interactions with surrounding communities. He has worked for public and private sector clients in DC, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Pittsburg, Orlando, and Austin.

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