Transportation Solutions

That Improve Communities


At Fehr & Peers DC, we are passionate about transforming transportation consulting through innovation and creativity. We derive inspiration by partnering with communities to understand and shape local transportation futures objectively tailored to diverse needs. From the most straightforward to the most complex, we actively listen to client and community needs and handle every project with diligence and focus. Our clients have appreciated this unique and practical approach, trusting us as their objective partners in transportation since 1985. Together with our clients, we are motivated by shared success, inclusive partnerships, and the positive impact our work has on the communities we serve.

Fehr & Peers DC will transform transportation consulting as the most trusted partner in the communities we serve. Our mission is to empower every employee to develop effective and innovative transportation solutions that improve communities.


As trusted advisors to our clients, we continually leverage our self-funded research and development investments to quickly anticipate new questions in the face of rapid changes in transportation and provide our clients with well-informed answers and potential solutions. Clients trust us to help them overcome barriers and uncertainty by combining our advanced expertise with curiosity, humility, and initiative to deliver implementable, data-driven solutions that reinforce community values.




We’re shifting our R&D efforts
in response to COVID-19 – What’s most pressing in your community?

The Road to Reopening: Planning Parking & Shuttle Service for Rutgers University Amid COVID-19

NOVEMBER 23, 2020

With anticipated changes in travel for university communities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rutgers University needed a plan to reopen safely. Partnering with Brailsford & Dunlavey, Fehr & Peers DC developed the Transportation Demand Stress Test Tool that predicts shuttle loads and parking demand, allowing Rutgers to plan data-driven solutions.

Crowdsource+: Gathering & Prioritizing Valuable Community Feedback

NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Our customizable Crowdsource+ tool empowers community members to participate in the transportation planning process and provides clients with an effective way to receive and prioritize feedback.

Still Getting Trip Generation Right: Revalidating MXD+

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

State-of-the-practice analytical methods should be employed when estimating the trip generation of mixed-use projects. In the latest issue of the American Planning Association’s PAS Memo, John Gard and Corwin Bell of Fehr & Peers describe the advantages, analysis techniques, and use of MXD+ through actual site case studies.

Evolving Communications in a Dynamic World

NOVEMBER 5, 2020

Partnering with our client, we took on new visual communications strategies through the lens of equitable engagement to elevate participation and build energy around safety improvements.

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