City of Alexandria Commercial Parking Study

Fehr & Peers DC is working with the City of Alexandria to update their Commercial Parking Standards for local retail, shopping centers, office, hotel, restaurants, and child care facilities.  This study is using local and national best practices, ongoing parking trends, and observed parking demand to inform updated parking standards for the City of Alexandria.  This, in turn, will lead to improved decision-making on parking management strategies to accommodate future growth.

A review of peer cities, locally and nationally, as well as general parking trends, identified commercial uses undergoing changes in their parking characteristics, common modes of access, and typical walking distances from parking to each commercial use to provide insight into the future of commercial parking needs.

Big data derived from cell phone and GPS devices was collected for each site location to understand the hourly parking demand characteristics and identify the peak hour to collect parking occupancy data. Fehr & Peers DC supplemented this at mixed-use sites by conducting in-person surveys to gain a complete understanding of traffic generation, origins and destinations of trips, total parking demand (including on-street parking) and mode shares.  This data collection method allowed Fehr & Peers DC to associate on-street parking occupancies with a specific site and to understand the total parking demand.

Ultimately, results of the data collection indicated that the peak demand at a majority of sites was below the minimum parking supply required based on existing parking ratios.  Fehr & Peers DC is working with the City to propose new parking minimums and/or maximums, as well as a shared parking policy, and plan for implementation.

What sets this project apart from others?

Applications of big data to identify peak parking demand time periods by land use

Use of person trip intercept surveys to understand a development’s on-street parking demand and travel behavior

Creation of updated commercial parking standards for the City

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