Co-Benefits of Multimodal Roadway Design and Gray and Green Infrastructure


Fehr & Peers DC worked with the Federal Highway Administration to develop a compilation of case studies highlighting projects that integrate both green infrastructure and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The final report includes 14 case studies, focused on mitigating flood risk, public-private partnerships, multimodal network connectivity, and state and locally driven projects. Each case study summarizes the project’s origin, green infrastructure and active transportation design elements, and the local benefits of these coordinated investments.

This report is intended to provide information to encourage agencies interested in making improvements to their pedestrian and bicycle networks that also provide green infrastructure and resiliency benefits. The discussion of stormwater and mobility benefits will help communities better understand the variety of goals and outcomes they can achieve through their projects.

Key Accomplishments:

Developed 14 case studies highlighting the intersection of active transportation and green infrastructure

Identified key resources and best practices for planning, designing, implementing, and funding these types of projects.

Interested in learning more about the report?

Interested in learning more about the report?