Innovative Performance Metrics

M-NCPPC Tools Improvement Project

Fehr & Peers DC led a team to develop an improved system for measuring Montgomery County’s transportation system performance and prepare a strategic plan for incorporating recommended improvements to the current modeling framework. Fehr & Peers DC collaborated with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission staff to develop a suite of multimodal transportation performance measures that address the County’s stated land use and transportation goals.

Although a thorough compilation of the County’s policy and planning documents revealed that the County’s goals embrace all aspects of a multimodal transportation system, the County had not yet deployed the metrics and tools needed to evaluate how land use and transportation decisions affect those goals. Fehr & Peers DC recommended a package of innovative performance measures to fill the gaps between goals and practice, including metrics for people driving, taking transit, biking, and walking, such as: multimodal person delay, bicyclist comfort-based accessibility, and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per person trip. Fehr & Peers DC prepared a case study application of the metrics to the Bethesda Downtown Plan to help illustrate the approach for the Planning Board and to test the capability of the County’s current modeling and transportation analysis tools to compute the metrics.

Fehr & Peers DC has reviewed the County and MPO travel demand models as well as several alternatives to inform a strategic plan with near-, mid-, and long-term recommendations for the County’s approach to maintaining in-house travel demand modeling and transportation analysis resources.

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