TNC/AVs as Transit Connections

“We need to decide what the future of AVs will look like in this City and enact regulations to create that future.” 

Stephanie Dock
Research Program Administrator | DDOT

On April 26, Fehr & Peers DC hosted a knowledge sharing session about “Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) as Transit Connections”. Panelists included:

  • Matt Henry, CEO | Fehr & Peers
  • Shyam Kannan, Managing Director of Planning | WMATA
  • Stephanie Dock, Research Program Administrator | DDOT
  • Gabe Klein, Former Director | DDOT & transportation innovator
  • Harriet Tregoning, Former Director | DCOP
  • Linda Bailey, Executive Director | NACTO

Shyam Kannan kicked off the session talking about the partnerships between public agencies in the DC area and how they work with TNCs. Matt Henry then facilitated a roundtable conversation.  The group concluded that the League of Cities, National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), and the American Planning Association (APA) are all correct in that we need data and tools adapted to new futures. The best outcomes will occur if we lower the barriers to using transit through unified fee payment systems inclusive of all modes (transit, TNC, bike share, etc.) and development of tools making choices transparent to users. Autonomous vehicles are coming, and autonomous buses may be the first to afford travel benefits. We could start new BRT corridors as innovation corridors that can (1) adapt to autonomous vehicles or autonomous rapid transit, and (2) invite partnerships with technology and AV/ART manufacturers.

In testing models around the country, we found that autonomous vehicles could increase VMT up to 50%.

Alex Rixey

Senior Transportation Planner, Fehr & Peers DC

Cities today have an appetite for risk. They want to innovate.

Harriet Tregoning

Former Director, DCOP

City transportation is all about building community. We think about our former business model and how to adapt it to support communities.

Linda Bailey

Executive Director, NACTO