TripsDC Trip Generation Tool

for the District of Columbia Department of Transportation

TripsDC is the result of a four year research effort by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to (1) develop and test a data collection methodology, (2) collect local data to substitute for Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE’s) national data in trip rates estimation, and (3) develop a model/tool that incorporates factors identified affecting overall trip rate as well as trip rate by mode. The Model makes two major steps forward: directly estimating total person trips, and being sensitive to the amount of parking provided on site – a major finding in the connection between parking provision and travel behavior at a local site level. The methodology allows DDOT to improve its assessment of expected trips from proposed buildings and therefore the level of impact a proposed development might have on the transportation network.

Fehr & Peers DC supported DDOT in the development of The Model and web application. TripsDC is a locally calibrated and validated trip generation tool based on data from more than 50 residential over retail developments within the District. The tool is preloaded with variables to apply the model at any address within the District and estimate trips by auto, walk, bike, and transit.

What are the key highlights?

Custom Trip Generation for Washington, D.C.

Estimates total person trips and trips by mode

Accounts for the influence of parking on vehicle trips

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