Transit Terminals & Centers

Transbay Terminal, San Francisco, CA

For decades, the affected agencies could not reach consensus on a Transbay Terminal replacement option. One element that helped achieve consensus was use of the then-new VISSIM simulation package. This was the first application of VISSIM in the US (pull down menus were in German).

Transbay Temporary Terminal-Bus Storage Facility

VISSIM simulation demonstrated to AC Transit that they could function in a smaller footprint than they requested.  The Temporary Terminal has been in operation for about five years and is working well.

San Francisco Transbay Tower

Fehr & Peers is currently helping resolve street-level design issues related to the Salesforce Tower, which will be the tallest building in San Francisco and is located within the Transbay Terminal block.

Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan

For Los Angeles Union Station, Fehr & Peers is part of a larger design team working on one of the most ambitious transit terminal/joint development projects in the US.

Los Angeles Union Station (Metro Gateway Plaza) Traffic & Pedestrian Circulation Study

As a precursor to the larger Union Station Master Plan, Fehr & Peers helped resolve safety and accessibility issues at the Potsaouras Transit Plaza entrance.

Denver Downtown Multimodal Access Plan

In Denver, Fehr & Peers led a multi-disciplinary team looking at the downtown circulation, of which Denver Union Station is a critical element.  Many of the recommendations of this early report have already been implemented.

Expo & Crenshaw Transit Neighborhood Plans

Fehr & Peers worked on behalf of the City of Los Angeles to develop neighborhood plans to facilitate access to a new light rail transit system.

Metro Gold Line Eastside Access Study

Fehr & Peers partnered with an urban designer to develop safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle access improvements to enhance ridership pf the then-recently opened Gold Line in East LA. Most of the recommendations of this work have been implemented.

MacArthur Transit Village EIR & Access Feasibility Study

Fehr & Peers led development of the Access Plan for the redevelopment of the MacArthur BART station and also prepared the transportation impact section of the accompanying Environmental Impact Report.  The project replaced only half of the BART parking and was awarded the largest grant awarded to date by the State of California Department of Housing and Community Development. The project is currently under construction.

WCCTAC Transit Enhancement Strategic Plan

Fehr & Peers prepared a strategic plan for the west Contra Costa County BART stations aimed at enhancing non-auto access to the four stations.

Sugar House Streetcar

Fehr & Peers led alternatives analysis for Salt Lake’s first streetcar.  We also assisted UTA in development of its successful TIGER grant to fund construction of the project and were part of the team developing the now-built final improvements for the streetcar and complimentary trail linkages.

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